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ກົດ 10 ຂໍ້ຂອງອິຄີໄກ" IKiGAI" ເພື່ອການດໍາເນີນຊີວິດຢ່າງມີປະສິດທິພາບ ມີຄວາມສຸກ ແລະ ມີຄຸນຄ່າ


໑. Stay active, don't retire
໒. Take it show
໓. Don't fill your stomach
໔. Surrounding your self with good friend
໕. Get in shape for your next birthday
໖. Smile
໗. Reconnect with nature
໘. Give thank
໙. Live the moment
໑໐. Follow your ikigai

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